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Brainshare 2013 667 02/07 02:41PM Yes
Have you deployed ZCM 11 SP2 yet? 4 03/20 09:26PM Yes
Does your company still use Blackberry phones? 63 03/20 09:09PM No
How do you think the Attachmate deal will turn out for "Novell" 93 03/20 09:09PM No
Have you deployed the new Novell Data Synchronizer Mobility Pack? 22 05/03 02:39AM No
Have you ever used or administered Zimbra? 8 05/03 02:38AM No
Will you be upgrading to BES 5.0.1 for GroupWise? 41 11/10 01:40PM No
What Version of ZENworks are running? 150 06/08 09:37PM No
What do you think of the new Novell support changes? I encourage you to leave your comments on this! 62 06/08 09:37PM No
Groupwise 8 - Now that it is out, will you be deploying it? 79 09/25 03:20PM No
Gwavacon 09 Las Vegas - will you be attending? 19 02/16 02:36PM No
Groupwise 8 - are you excited about it? 40 12/01 01:52PM No
Is 2008 finally the year Linux sees a bigger gain of marketshare on the desktop? 103 08/14 04:16PM No
Now that OES2 is out, what is your deployment strategy? 172 08/14 04:16PM No
Best Virtualization Platform? 103 08/14 04:15PM No
OES2 - will it find a home in your network? 104 10/05 03:49PM No
Brainshare 2007 - Will you attend? 50 04/17 03:44AM No
Microsoft/Novell Deal? 89 02/09 12:50AM No
WMNUG The Big EveNt - will you be attending? 8 02/09 12:50AM No
Will you be attending GWAVAcon 2007 Dallas? 6 01/26 04:33PM No
Pi is? 86 12/05 02:29AM No
With GW7sp1 out today, will you be installing it? 56 08/29 06:11PM No
Do you think it would be good for Novell's products if Oracle were to purchase them? 67 06/19 09:26PM No
What is the highest level of eDir/NDS you run currently? Why do you stay with the version you have? 50 06/19 09:26PM No
Have you deployed Linux desktops to your organization? If so, what distro? 51 05/18 03:00PM No
If abeNd.org were to offer a Novell-centric podcast would this interest you? - if Yes, please comment on what topics you would like to hear about in the podcast 31 04/04 01:24AM No
Will you be going to Brainshare 2006? why/why not? 26 03/29 01:59AM No
What version of ZENworks (fD) are you using? 187 03/06 11:42PM No
What antivirus do you use for NetWare/OES? Any specific reason? 160 03/06 11:41PM No
Now that eDir 8.8 is out, how soon will you be installing it and on what platform? Share your experiences once you have installed it. 61 11/24 06:19PM No
Did you experence any problems due to the issues with NW65SP4? Comments please.... 6 10/17 11:42PM No
Do you listen to Podcasts regularly? If so, which ones? 6 10/17 11:41PM No
What distros do you have working with the Novell Linux Client? - any issues? 31 10/12 12:57AM No
GroupWise mobile - What is the solution of choice? 28 10/12 12:57AM No
Will you be upgrading to GroupWise 7? 126 09/20 08:31PM No
When do you patch your netware servers? 98 09/16 01:45PM No
Favourite Linux Distribution 42 08/15 01:53PM No
Coolest Disk Interface? 75 08/05 01:20AM No
Have you upgraded? If so to what, & why? 74 07/05 03:09PM No
Favorite Server Hardware Platform? 13 06/20 04:29PM No
Best IT Training? 51 06/16 03:21PM No
What do you want to see in the next version of groupwise? Make sure you put down why you want it in the comments section 15 05/12 11:53AM No
What is your favorite NOS & why? 413 04/14 02:56PM No
I would like to open a weekly review of novell related freeware products, which ones do you most want to see reviewed (and author interviewed), if you dont see one listed, add it in a comment 98 04/14 02:51PM No
Will you be going to Brainshare 2005? why/why not? 20 03/27 10:08PM No
What is your favorite GroupWise client? 22 03/11 03:39PM No
What is your favorite Novell Service/App/product? 62 02/11 08:16PM No
What is your favorite NW admin tool? 56 02/11 08:16PM No
What (if any) certs are worthwhile nowdays & why? 33 01/23 09:51PM No
If it came to pass, who would you rather see buyout Novell, and why? 46 01/23 09:50PM No
How many NetWare servers do you admin? 118 01/23 09:50PM No
What is your biggest gripe with Novell? 61 11/02 04:50PM No

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