New Iprint Vista Clients NOW available

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"We have finalized our new iPrint client for Vista. I have posted them
on our FTP site for now. Note that they will be posted in the usually
places as soon as we get them through the process. I justed wanted our
education customers to get their hands on it sooner :)

You can get the Vista 32 client here:

You can get the Vista 64 client here:

New Features:
auto-client-update + now works fully silently
icapture support (Vista32 only)
Bug Fixes:
driver upload/download (many fixes here)
32 bit browser on 64 bit Vista issues
Vista 64 bit installation issues
Some BIDI related issues with printer drivers
Occasional "Interactive User" Popups

Ted Tronson
iPrint Software Architect
Novell, Inc.
ttronson's Profile:
View this thread: "

New Iprint Vista Clients NOW available
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