How To Do Anything With SuSE!

ResourcesHowtoforge is running a feature called The Perfect Setup which is a detailed How-To for configuring services on SuSE 9.x to operate an ISP or Hosting Service Provider.

Topics covered include FTP with proftpd, HTTP and SSL with Apache 2.x, MySQL, SMTP/POP3/IMAP, disk quotas, DNS with BIND, Webalizer, and more! Also cool are the instructions for using the apt tools from Debian to manage these packages on the server.

These howto's are great and we need more of this type of thing, if you happen to come across articles like this - please submit them!

How To Do Anything With SuSE!
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How To Do Anything With SuSE!

These are the kinds of sites i like to see. central repository for HOWTOS that are actually usefull and up to date.

pitcheon - Thursday, April 07 2005 @ 10:01 AM CDT


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